Big Changes. Big Support. Big win!

Join Our 6 Week Body Transformation Contest!

What if we told you that we would help you transform your body, connect you with professional and peer support... all while giving you the opportunity to win amazing prizes? Yup. We're not kidding!

Over 6 weeks, we are giving everyone that participates a chance to win big. And, we mean everyone.


Whether you lose 1 lb , or 20 lb — everyone has a chance to win!

Over 6 weeks, with everyone pound you lose, every percentage of body fat lost, every pound of muscle gained give you an entry to win one of our amazing prizes. 

Are you ready to lose... to win? 

At Rebirth we take your bio-individuality into account, and create a program that allows you to shed unneeded weight without shocking the system into fight or flight. This sets the stage for sustainable weight loss that is the result of eating more nourishing foods, with workouts that are appropriate for your metabolism and fitness level.
- Julian, Rebirth Founder

Need More Info. Here's How It Works!

It's like having a personal trainer, nutritional specialist, and lifestyle coach — all in one.

We start by getting you all the information you need. We will have an orientation to get every one prepped. You will learn what action steps you need to take nutritionally, and get all your support material. 

At that orientation, you will get a chance to step on our InBody 570 scale. This will tell us your body weight, pounds of body fat, percentage of body fat, lean muscle weight, water weight, and how many calories you should be eating each day!


Also what's Included:

  • A copy of our customizable 28 page whole-food based nutrition plan.

  • Sample menus, daily checklists, and sample grocery lists.

  • Admission to 1 class at Rebirth Body Transformation Center each week.

  • Admission to our online 21 day body weight bootcamp for workouts to do at home.

  • Access to a private Facebook group were others share recipes, and support (there will be prizes for those that help others, too).

  • Weekly live Q & As with Rebirth coaches.

Have questions about starting the 6 week body transformation contest?

Within 6 weeks I'd lost 19.2 pounds, 2.75 inches off my waist, and 2.5% percent body fat. My biceps increased an inch, without a single curl. The unbelievable part? It was easy. And I truly mean easy.
- Cappy, Rebirth Client

Cappy's Journey

Want to hear from a current client?


In Cappy's own words:

After I hit my early 40's I knew something had to change. I'd spent over two decades dealing with a ton of health problems related to chronic injuries to my back, hip, and spine. It had affected my quality of life for my entire adult life.

I'm a lazy ex-chef that cooks serious food every day with a sedentary technology job. I'm not a crossfit-cycling-triathlete-gym type. But Julian made transforming myself enjoyable: starting with accountable nutrition that did *not* require counting calories, expensive supplements, gallons of "shakes," insane regimen, or burdening others with odd food restrictions. There were no limits to how much I could eat. In fact, I had problems eating enough because I was so full all of the time.

Workouts were designed specifically for me, my challenges, my body, and my unique limitations. I was never sore. Tired? You bet. But never sore. I'm sure everyone's gone to the gym and worked out with that "jacked" friend or aggressive trainer and then couldn't move for a week. I used to absolutely dread going to past trainers. Always too much, too soon, with little thought or direction on proper form. Not so at Rebirth. Form is everything. At first I was frustrated at how light the workouts seemed. "It can't be this easy, he's just pitying me," I kept thinking. I kept waiting for the "MAX REPS, BRO!!" approach that simply never came. I just enjoyed (really) workouts designed around what my body could do, without any judgement, and no aggressive pushing. It's incredible and my beat-up old body changed very rapidly because of it. Much more rapidly than I ever expected, in fact.

Contests aren't just about winning. We all win by joining the path together, as a team. We are not meant to go it alone. These challenges allow for us to get outside of our isolated journey, and create motivation by feeling like we are not alone on an island. This allows for the parodox of giving to take shape... we help ourselves by helping others.
- Julian, Rebirth Founder

Tell Me About The Prizes Already!

  • Personal attention.

  • Weekly check-ins to keep you accountable.

  • Personal data to measure your progress!

  • Shopping lists & recipes to simplify your weekly grocery shopping.

  • Personal Training that's customized, effective and intelligent.

  • Home workouts — because sometimes you can't get to the gym.

  • Daily checklists to help keep you focused, and on track.

What Should You Expect?

First of all, transformation doesn't come easy, but don't confuse transformation with torture. The body responds faster to smart, gradual changes.

12 weeks is the ideal amount of time to get some serious, measurable results. While no two people lose weight at the same rate, for our clients looking to lose weight, they typically drop between 8-21 pounds in their first month. In 12 weeks, you'll see bigger, even more remarkable changes. Most clients lose between 20-30lbs. We'll be able to outline your personal goals during your orientation session.

Success rates are so high because we provide personalized exercise routines, customized nutrition, and unlimited accountability and support making this the most comprehensive program in the area.


Jon lost 90 lbs!


"The Rebirth coaches met me where I was at, coaching me with nutrition, physical exercise and encouragement. He was supportive, encouraging and, most importantly to me at that time, non-judgmental."
- Jon, Rebirth Client

Who is this program designed for?

Are you ready to make smart, realistic and super-effective changes that will completely re-calibrate your metabolism? Are you ready to let go of the extra weight you've been carrying? Are you at a place in your life where you are willing to ask for, and receive, expert help in a supportive community? Then it's time to get started.

By the way, your 12 weeks will FLY

We know losing weight can be difficult. Particularly when your weight has significantly fluctuated in the past.

But you CAN do this!
We take in the whole picture, not just part.

We offer superior attention to detail. When it comes to your health, we look at everything, not just the burn. Your hormones, food sensitivities and unique chemistry all contribute to your current weight, and vitality. It is important to have a global view of the body, so we can bring more balance, wellness and lasting results into your life.

Getting Started!

With your 12 Week Transformation, you'll leave with valuable, practical tools to intelligently navigate your weight loss journey and a healthy weight-maintenance for the rest of your life.