Rebirth Raves

The humble-brag is awkward, that’s why we won’t do it. Instead, here’s what our community says about how life has changed since taking self-care more seriously at Rebirth!

The Numbers Don’t Lie.

It’s not all about pounds lost.

And if you know us you know lean muscle weighs more than fat.

But that doesn’t change the impressive number of unwanted pounds lost.


Weight Loss

218.6 lbs

Total Pounds Lost
by 30 people


And the percentage of LEAN MUSCLE GAINED is almost MORE exciting!

Lean Muscle Gained

83.3 lbs

Total Pounds of Lean Muscle
+2.03 lbs per person on average

That means that the average person now burns an estimated 71-101 more calories at rest each day (that's like an extra 3/4 pound of fat every month)


And because we're lovers of DATA ...and quite frankly this number is nothing short of THRILLING...

Bodyfat % Lost


We lost more than a person worth of body fat!
-2.85% Average Lost Per Person


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